Saturday Kingmaker - Pathfinder

Double Mega Update Combo!

Last time:
A mad druid, a bitter witch, an ambling scarecrow, and a hysterical gnome. Exploration continues, but expansion of the Barony stalls. The neighbor to the east, an old cohort of Kesten Garess visits.

No Deaths! Almost two, after some Hemlock-laced tea, but thanks to some Clerical attention, both survived.

This time:

Construction on the kingdom continues, and a shrine to Erastil is erected on the Baron’s orders, with the support of the High Priest, causing an outbreak of faithful celebration among the populace. Expansion remains stalled, with only Oleg’s added to the borders.

The Baron perishes, only briefly, in combat with the Crypt Wight, but the sword recovered, while damaged, is an enormous find…

Updates of Dooooooom!

Finally having faced the Stag Lord in his lair, the new lords of the Greenbelt stand triumphant.

Establishing their new domain on the shores of Tuskwater lake atop the ruins that once held the bandit ‘lord’, they immediately started roads reaching north towards Oleg’s trading post, Brevoy, and civilization.

Appointing councilors to the advisors under the new Baron, construction begins almost immediately, fueled by resources provided by good neighbor Brevoy…

But what lurks upon the new horizon.. ?

Two deaths, one to a werewolf (and arrogance over 9hp being ‘enough’ to withstand melee) and another to a massive Tendriculous plant, display that just because there is law in the Greenbelt, not all is quiet.

Dead Bandits, Boars and Bits

Lots of exploring this week, finishing up the rest of the northern Narlmarches, discovering a Boggard and his pet slurks, a slightly-used unicorn (horn not included.. nailed to its perch.. It’s an ex-parrot..unicorn..) and a faerie dragon that took a dislike to the Inquisitor.

The vicious boar, Tuskgutter, used his tusks to gut two of the characters, one of whom died from it, the other got better. (No, we still don’t have a witch, so no newts..)

A final and decisive battle against the bandits at the Thorn River camp, this time on the PCs terms went much better than before, though not without injury. While protecting the rest of the party from Kressle, the bandit camp’s leader, the inquisitor of Iomedae lost his hand to her whirling hatchets. Somehow, the party didn’t seem all that grateful, but they did help him stop the bleeding after she was dead…

Now little remains between them and their destiny but the Stag Lord’s Keep…

Lots more death, lots more exploring

Busy time for the Stolen Lands, as new arrivals pour in, hoping for a new life in these lands as they’re mapped and tamed.

Unfortunately, for some all there is to find is death…

Four deaths this week, including a still-wet-behind-the-ears gnome sorceror. The Wall of Death (behind where I GM) is now the home for the departed characters’ table-tents. I’ll be posting a picture of it tomorrow.

Two deaths to the Thorn River bandit camp, due to some bad luck in how the ambush was set up, the party approached it, and the circumstances of the battle itself.

Two more to Wandering Monsters, a shambling mound that crept up on one of the “on watch” people in the middle of the night and ate him, and a giant centipede that nearly scattered the rest of the party to the four winds before finally collapsing atop the ruins of their campsite..

And the first to fall...

First character death this week, when the Barbarian plunged into a chasm in the Mite Den beneath the Old Sycamore. He weathered the fall well, but disturbed a huge Giant Whiptail Centipede, nearly 25 feet long. One snap of its mandibles and he fell, whereupon the rest of the party, still atop the ridge over the chasm, took off rather than share his now-sealed fate.


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