Saturday Kingmaker - Pathfinder

Dead Bandits, Boars and Bits

Lots of exploring this week, finishing up the rest of the northern Narlmarches, discovering a Boggard and his pet slurks, a slightly-used unicorn (horn not included.. nailed to its perch.. It’s an ex-parrot..unicorn..) and a faerie dragon that took a dislike to the Inquisitor.

The vicious boar, Tuskgutter, used his tusks to gut two of the characters, one of whom died from it, the other got better. (No, we still don’t have a witch, so no newts..)

A final and decisive battle against the bandits at the Thorn River camp, this time on the PCs terms went much better than before, though not without injury. While protecting the rest of the party from Kressle, the bandit camp’s leader, the inquisitor of Iomedae lost his hand to her whirling hatchets. Somehow, the party didn’t seem all that grateful, but they did help him stop the bleeding after she was dead…

Now little remains between them and their destiny but the Stag Lord’s Keep…


Poor Pano, least he’s right handed and still able to beat things up with his sword.

Dead Bandits, Boars and Bits

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