Saturday Kingmaker - Pathfinder

Double Mega Update Combo!

Last time:
A mad druid, a bitter witch, an ambling scarecrow, and a hysterical gnome. Exploration continues, but expansion of the Barony stalls. The neighbor to the east, an old cohort of Kesten Garess visits.

No Deaths! Almost two, after some Hemlock-laced tea, but thanks to some Clerical attention, both survived.

This time:

Construction on the kingdom continues, and a shrine to Erastil is erected on the Baron’s orders, with the support of the High Priest, causing an outbreak of faithful celebration among the populace. Expansion remains stalled, with only Oleg’s added to the borders.

The Baron perishes, only briefly, in combat with the Crypt Wight, but the sword recovered, while damaged, is an enormous find…


Woo, Baron is back in business ! and finally a shrine should have had it before the Brothel ! we’ll work on the entire “dont do it by numbers” thing i agree with our Sorc, we need an academy will be our next building even though it’s costly it’s worth it.

Double Mega Update Combo!

Was just musing to myself that there’s an upside to missing a week: your character automatically survives :)

Double Mega Update Combo!

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