Saturday Kingmaker - Pathfinder

Lots more death, lots more exploring

Busy time for the Stolen Lands, as new arrivals pour in, hoping for a new life in these lands as they’re mapped and tamed.

Unfortunately, for some all there is to find is death…

Four deaths this week, including a still-wet-behind-the-ears gnome sorceror. The Wall of Death (behind where I GM) is now the home for the departed characters’ table-tents. I’ll be posting a picture of it tomorrow.

Two deaths to the Thorn River bandit camp, due to some bad luck in how the ambush was set up, the party approached it, and the circumstances of the battle itself.

Two more to Wandering Monsters, a shambling mound that crept up on one of the “on watch” people in the middle of the night and ate him, and a giant centipede that nearly scattered the rest of the party to the four winds before finally collapsing atop the ruins of their campsite..



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