Saturday Kingmaker - Pathfinder

Updates of Dooooooom!

Finally having faced the Stag Lord in his lair, the new lords of the Greenbelt stand triumphant.

Establishing their new domain on the shores of Tuskwater lake atop the ruins that once held the bandit ‘lord’, they immediately started roads reaching north towards Oleg’s trading post, Brevoy, and civilization.

Appointing councilors to the advisors under the new Baron, construction begins almost immediately, fueled by resources provided by good neighbor Brevoy…

But what lurks upon the new horizon.. ?

Two deaths, one to a werewolf (and arrogance over 9hp being ‘enough’ to withstand melee) and another to a massive Tendriculous plant, display that just because there is law in the Greenbelt, not all is quiet.


Old data..need updates! :) last weeks would be Awesome!

Updates of Dooooooom!

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